Rules & Legal Stuff:


  1. We don’t mind if you bring a friend or family member with you to get your new tattoo or piercing for moral support. We do enforce that no more then one (1) person at a time will be allowed into the back while you are getting your work done. This is to prevent the artist from be distracted so they can focus on there art.  
  2. There is a $50 minimum for tattoos at our shop.
  3. If you are booking an appointment for a tattoo or piercing for a later date, there is a 50% non refundable deposit. The exception is for large pieces that will require several appointments, then 1/3 of the total is due when making the appointment, and the remaining 2/3s will be divided equally according to the total appointments needed.
  4. If you need a price quote from an artist or have a question for them, please be patient and enjoy our TV, as we will not disturb the artists while working or until they are at a point they can stop easily (when you are the one getting work done you’ll appreciate this rule).
  5. NO CHILDREN are allowed in the shop, so please get a babysitter before you come in. The exception is if the child is getting pierced they can be in the shop.
  6. We accept cash, Visa, Master card, and all debt cards for payment of all services
  7. When requesting custom drawn art ,we require that a 20-50 dollar deposit to be placed prior to drawing. This fee will be included in the cost of the piece if you get the tattoo.    

Legal Stuff:

  1. If you are not 18 years old, I don’t care if your Mommy, Daddy, or the whole family is with you, you are NOT getting a tattoo.
  2. If you say you are 18 years old or over, and your ID is suspicious, you are NOT getting a tattoo. Acceptable ID’s include Drivers License, State ID card, Passport, School ID (with birth date) and your birth certificate. For minors, you are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and both you and your guardian are required to have valid photo identification, in some cases you might be required to bring a birth certificate.  
  3. If you are getting pierced and are under 18 years old, your legal guardian must be with you, and sign a consent form after they show proper ID (please see rule #2 for suspicious IDs).
  4. Your best friend or boy/girl friend is not your legal guardian.
  5. Everyone must show a valid picture ID and sign a consent/waiver form to get tattooed or pierced, even grandma and grandpa.
  6. If you have been drinking or are high, you will not be tattooed or pierced, it’s the law.