Co-Owner/Piercer/Tattoo Removal

I’m retired from the Air Force, where I was a Jet Engine Mechanic for 4 year. I began to fly just as soon as the service let women into those career fields. I was a Flight Engineer on C-141 cargo aircraft for the next 12 years until I was medically taken out of that career field (metal rod in my left leg). After that I was in charge of the Equal Opportunity and Treatment program at Mt Home Air Base. Then I retired to civilian life for a few years. I missed wearing a uniform (that’s a joke by the way), so I joined the Fresno Police Department. I was a Senior Community Service Officer for 9 years. I worked patrol in all five of the districts.  I was very busy and met wonderful people in all the districts and love working with them and for them.

Now, I retired from the department to start Nightwitch Body Art. I love working with the public so much, I can’t imagine a life not meeting new people all the time. But, the very best thing about working in this tattoo shop, is the ARTIST. I’m so blessed to have such an unbelievably talented and artistic person working at the shop.  Frankie has his own style, but can do any tattoo style you want or need. This talented artist believes it is a privilege to have his compositions permanently on display on our customers.

I love piercing! I work very hard at doing my job and truely enjoy it. I do my best to make everyone's piercing experience an enjoyable one. I trained with Fakir Musafar in San Francisco to learn body piercing.

I have also been trained and certified in tattoo removal using Eliminink and Tattoo Vanish. The shop has been using these products for over 3 years now, with fantastic results. 

I wanted to have a shop where all people are welcome and can feel comfortable. I believe I’ve accomplished that and look forward to seeing you all when you visit us and make your appointment.